The Popeyes restaurant has introduced the TellPopeyes Survey to find out what their customers feel and think about the services and the products served. Participation in this survey makes sure that all the customers of the Popeyes can share their positive or negative experiences freely on this official survey portal. Popeyes analyzes each and every comment received in this survey and makes sure that they make necessary changes to their services and the menu that enhances the satisfaction of customers on their premises.

If you want to participate in this survey, you must be aware of the process and other requirements. We have cleared all the minute things of this survey. To participate in this survey, you must visit www.tellpopeyes.com, the official Popeyes survey website.

Participating in this survey is easy and just demands a few minutes from the users. You just need to answer all the questions asked in the survey. As part of the promotion, Popeyes offers $ 1,000 gift cards to customers who have successfully expressed their opinion in the survey.

Primary Objective Of TellPopeyes Survey

The prime objective is to know and analyze the opinions and feedback of the customer regarding the food and service of the restaurant. Have a look at some other objectives of conducting this survey below:

  • The first and most important objective is to guarantee customer satisfaction and satisfy each and every expectation and need.
  • Once the restaurant knows the customer’s viewpoints regarding the food and service, they can effectively work on the same in the right direction.
  • From a restaurant perspective, these surveys also assist the company to understand how employees and managers behave in terms of customer satisfaction.
  • These surveys also help the company evaluate its branches based on customer satisfaction.

You don’t have to worry, even if you leave negative feedback in the TellPopeyes Survey. Your negative feedback doesn’t reduce the chances of winning the survey for you. All you need to do is, to be honest, while participating in this survey.